Friday, February 1, 2013

International Princess Project (& A Giveaway!)

Today I'm featuring another lovely blogger who has jumped into an awesome and crafty way of supporting an incredible ministry: the International Princess Project. It's pretty easy to think this gal is the cat's meow - she's my sister! Casey has a really great thing going and I wanted to shine a little light on her newest endeavor.

Coming on the heels of Passion 2013, The International Princess project is another incredible ministry which helps to restore women who have been freed from sex trafficking and forced prostitution. The ministry is aftercare driven and in conjunction with physical and spiritual restoration, it also teaches the women business and vocational skills. The Punjammies initiative (one of two IPP initiatives) is a self-sustaining enterprise which provides stable jobs for these women -- and the Punjammies are super cute!

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But enough from me -- here's what Casey has to say about the International Princess Project and her own new enterprise:

So, surprisingly this whole journey started about 3 years ago (give or take). It all started with the Pioneer Woman. Ree featured the International Princess Project (from here on out referred to IPP) on her blog, highlighting the entry with the punjammies they sell. IPP is a non profit company that advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, helps to restore their broken lives and empowers them to live a free life. You can read about how it started here. So when I first checked it out, I was in LOVE with the PJ pants and the awesome cause they supported. I decided pretty quickly that all the bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding would get punjammies as their gift and I would also splurge and get some for myself. 
  Two years pass and I am excited about being a new auntie to a wonderful new nephew. I got the opportunity to go to Atlanta during Passion 2013 and babysit my beautiful and amazing nephew while my sister and her husband led a group of college students and high school seniors at the conference. While I was up there, I got the opportunity to listen to Gary Haugen, the CEO of the International Justice Mission. Gary highlighted the cold, hard, and atrocious fact that 27 million people across the world are held in slavery this very day. There weren't many dry eyes in the dome at the end of his talk. I wanted to help, and I felt a strong conviction to help, but I had no idea how.  
A week or so later, God gave me an answer. I was hanging out with a friend and we were painting, which was interesting because I hadn't picked up a brush in years. It was just for fun, but it ended up being a big hit! I had a friend who loved the first painting and wanted one just like it. I did that painting too and it turned out even better than the first. I knew then that God was giving me an opportunity to do something to help others. I enjoyed painting for fun and to my surprise, other people liked them too! I decided right then that I would sell custom paintings and give all the profits to IPP. Immediately, I had a great response from friends and haven't stopped painting since. Just in the first couple of weeks, I have raised $160.00 to donate to IPP just from selling a few paintings. I just couldn't be happier. I am amazed at the way God uses us. I never ever saw painting as a strength of mine and I am astonished that He would use that to bring glory to him. I will continue to paint as long as it brings me joy and others are interested in supported me and my mission to donate to IPP. 
Casey is super duper talented and I'm hoping she'll paint me a few things to go up around the house. It's amazing that we've been in this house for 3.5 years and there are still lots of bare walls. I know she would love some additional business, so if you're interested in having her create some custom artwork for you, leave me a comment and I'll get you connected. Here are a few of Casey's paintings:

In honor of her new venture, in celebration of February 1st (kick-off day for the End It Movement!) and to continue promoting the International Princess Project, Casey is going to give away 1 pair of Punjammies to a lucky reader!!! She's pretty much the!
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Congratulations to Lindsey @ Woods Life Blog for winning the Punjammie giveaway! I hope you enjoy your Jammies! 


Erika said...

I love the "Sessi Full" punjammies! Such a great idea...way to go, Casey!

The Sweatman Family said...

Sessi is super cute!! Love purple :)

Casey B said...

Thanks for featuring me Hollie!!!

Jamie said...

Love these! Pavarti full are my faves.

Lindsay said...

I love the Shalani Capri! great giveaway!

tracy said...

love the Nanu! They're so fun! :)

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