Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Ok, so this past weekend Jordan and I and Greg went up to campus to take some pictures for our Christmas cards. For those of you who've never been to SWBTS, it's got lots of great photogenic spots for pictures. We were hoping to get some great pictures of the 2 of us, and there are a few that I really like. I would have loved to go take some at a Christmas tree farm all bundled up, but the way our cards will be this year, I gotta get started early!!! (as in 2 weeks from Saturday!) Alas, we got some cute pictures and enjoyed walking around catching up with Greg. I dont think I can say the same for Greg, though- I think he just wanted a nap. :)

So, around the campus there are all these great spots for reading- especially if you go up on the weekend when it's really quiet. This past Sunday was no exception- there were people sitting all over the place reading and walking around. Families with their kids had come out to the pond to feed the fish. And then there was this couple- we could tell they weren't married yet, because they were doing a pre-marital Bible Study (Before you Say I Do-- it's good, Jordan and I have it also!) They were sitting together on a blanket under a tree- very sweet, until you see what's lying next to her shoes.....

...A dead squirrel.
Yep, that little brown furball sitting inches from her shoes is a dead squirrel. Now obviously, these 2 were totally oblivious to the fact that there was a dead animal within a few feet of them and we could hardly stifle our laughter. The picture we got (above) was a ploy "to test the lighting." It was hilarious. Poor kids were probably upset at us for laughing so loudly nearby while they were intent on the week's lesson in marriage. We never did go fill them in on their little friend's proximity.

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