Monday, October 27, 2008


This makes me furious.

I'm certain Dr. White knew he was going to cause a stir when he said these things- and I'd say it's blown up to a full blown ruckus by now. 

Lets get a few things straight. I do not agree with using abortion as a form of birth control. The morning after pill should not be used as birth control. I'm not a sex outside of marriage girl and I disagree with using abortion to fix a problem caused by fornication. I've even talked a little bit on my work blog about how uncomfortable I am aborting a nonviable pregnancy. I say all this to make the point that I am proooooo life. 

Most medicinal forms of birth control prevent ovulation, some prevent implantation, some do both. The argument is against types that prevent implantation. Regardless, no form of birth control is 100% effective- we all know this. I believe that fertilization and implantation are equally important. It's impossible to be pregnant without both! I can understand the argument that life begins at fertilization- but life is non sustainable without implantation. I'm not undermining the miracle of fertilization and pregnancy; I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse. I find pregnancy to be the most amazing miraculous event. How can anyone know the mechanisms of life and deny the presence of God?? It's absolutely incredible. 

Dr. White himself stated he & his wife at one time used birth control. He now says, "The reason that we did it was my own selfishness, I wanted kids, but I wanted kids — not in God's timing, but in my timing." So, Dr. White, are you saying that birth control pills are stronger than God? That God cannot still work and move and create life while a person is using birth control??? Personally, I believe God is infinitely more powerful than a little pill (or in my case, a 1.5"x1.5" patch.). Just as God sometimes leaves women barren, sometimes he blesses us with children. I may not fully understand either situation, but that doesn't mean I don't trust in God's plan. If I were to get pregnant (as a birth control user) I'm not only certain that a baby would be an incredible blessing in our lives, but I also know that God would provide for us. 

I think it's ridiculous to call birth control pills "murder." There are so many other bigger problems with the church these days, Dr. White, and you are not helping matters. I do not appreciate the negative publicity this has brought to the Seminary and Baptist church. And as if this werent enough publicity, Soul Force is scheduled to be on campus today. (but that's a whoooole other blog.) 

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Melissa said...

amen! did you know that antibiotics cause birth control to be less effective? just a thought.

i love you. and agree with you.

Debbie V said...

Hollie, I couldn't open the link, to see what was said about birth control pills, but by reading your post, I got the idea. I agree that he needs to shush up and find something Kingdom-worthy to harp on. To make us look like we can't find enough things to argue about surely does not further the Gospel! Right on, girl!!

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