Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ground Beef.

Run. Run. Run. Run.

My momma predicted it. "Running will get in your blood," she said. I kind of thought she was crazy when she said I needed to run the Cowtown with her in February, but then again, if she can run a marathon, why the heck cant I? So, I surprised myself by running a lot further than I ever expected to. And now I'm running every day. (well, almost everyday. I haven't run today, but i've been up since 5 and it's raining outside.) 

It seems like it took NO time to go from not running at all, to doing 2 miles/day. But where am I still?? 2 Miles/day. My times are getting faster, I'm doing a 9-10 minute/mile now, which is by no means speed racer, but I think going at a faster pace equals shorter distance before wearing out. So what's more important? Will it all come together here soon? Will I come to the point soon where I have a good pace and distance? I'm certain this will come, but now I'm just getting impatient. I dont have anyone coaching me, just the random encouragement from those who know I'm running and my end goal. Is 3 1/2 months enough time?! 

And yet, I'm still going. 

I am encouraged that this knee pain I've been having is transient, as I'm not hurting any more. Too bad the same cant be said for my sore, recently flu vaccinated bicep. Yowzers that thing hurts!

Current song stuck in my head: Anything by Mae


Carey said...

soo proud of you! will you coach me???

Megan said...

So I've been running everyday too...although, I'm doing good to make it several times around our circle! Ha! What happened to my fit, could run miles in high school, body??? Laziness...maybe :)

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