Monday, May 18, 2009

Paint By Numbers**

  • 704 miles
  • 23 piles of roadkill
  • 904 cows (& 5 cemeterys)
  • 9 dairy queens
  • 10 freshly self-painted toes
  • 5 llamas
  • 105 dark chocolate peanut m&m's
  • 1 life size Gorilla lawn ornament
  • a bajillion dead bugs on the windshield/bumper
  • 1 new job
You never realize how bumpy a car ride can be until you try to do something meticulous like paint your own toenails. 

So it's official! Jordan has a job in the sprawling metropolis known as Rockport, Texas. I'm so proud to say he is now the Minister of Students at First Baptist Church! Oh to finally be DINKs. We have a tentative moving date and I have at least one job offer and I interviewed for another hospital this afternoon. We've looked at houses and have found a few (one in particular) that we like. It's looking like we'll be there long before we could make an offer & close on a house, so a sweet couple from the church has volunteered to house us until we can get our own place. Once we're settled, we'll be ready for company! For those of you North Texans, we made the drive (with no stops. my poor bladder.) in a little under 6 hours. For those of you Georgians, you're gonna wanna fly. 

Here she is!
We sat on the balcony of our condo and watched a storm blow through. 
FBC Rockport
My happy hubby looking all official in his staff shirt.

Jordan preached to both services on Sunday morning and did a bang-up job. We were able to meet & introduce ourselves finally to the congregation without being all secretive. There were a few people who remembered us from our last visit and told us we looked suspicious. Jordan got a chance to meet the youth group, which was fun. They voted on us immediately after the services and we got a yes by a 99% margin, which I'd say is worth sticking around for. Those 3 "no" votes can meet me in the parking lot... 

Just kidding. 

As Jordan said on the way home, we are in store for another "adventure summer!" Stay tuned for all the moving woes, heart-breaking see-you-laters, and exciting new adventures.

**some numbers are approximated. Except the Dairy Queens. We made a point of counting them. Just to know. We're strange like that.


Megan said...

We are SO excited for you guys!

The Lowry Place said...

That's great congrats on your new life that is starting.

Shannon said...

Congratulations Hollie and Jordan! You have a lot of exciting times ahead of house, new jobs, new city, new friends! Hope you guys settle in quickly, but I'm sure you will.

~Bryan and Whitney Laramore~ said...

That's legit, congratulations!!!!

Samantha said...

I am so happy for you guys! This is the beginning of such an exciting time :) We cannot wait to visit!!

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