Friday, May 22, 2009

Good for a few laughs

Yay it's Friday!!

Yay I'm on-call and still sitting at home updating my blog!!

In celebration of 2 good things, here's 2 websites good for a few laughs. 

It's funny; the same day I was introduced to this website by a friend from work, I saw Carey blogging about it's hilarity. A collection of... what else... awkward family photos. I think this "Pooh" get up is one of my personal favorites. 

I saw a link to this recently on Bakerella's blog and spent most of the afternoon laughing at some awfully hideous cakes. I love how the cake picture has an OBVIOUS error: and on top of that, Underneath is misspelled. Genius. 

Go laugh a little!

And this has nothing to do with smiles/laughter/poorly made cakes, but I'm sitting here blogging and watching HGTV and a commercial for the new season of Jon & Kate just came on. Can I for 2 seconds say how heartbroken I am over all these ugly rumors are swirling around this family?? Not everyone is such a fan of the show and I get it; Kate is a little overbearing. She has 8 kids. 6 of which are like 4ish years old. I'd like to see anyone try to raise that many kids without being a little anal. Plus, remember that editing and a "reality show script" can really change the perception of a person. ANYWAY. At the heart of it all, these parents are Christians and how can another Christian not be heartbroken for their brother & sister's trials? As much as I love their show, I think they should walk away if they ever plan on escaping the media and all of its ugly rumors. Also, I think Kate should cut her hair. I'm just saying. 

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Carey said...

clapping right now on behalf all all that you just said. i'll have to check out the cake disasters...too funny. and agreed. kate needs a new do oh fo sho.

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