Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Like the new title?

Congrats to Megan who came up with the catchy little number. Email/Facebook/Comment me on your preference of card. And way to use that thinking cap!!

I guess I can say that packing has officially begun. I have bagged up most of my/Jordan's winter clothes. On Monday, Kim (Pastor's Wife) sweetly notified me that I would rarely be able to wear such cold weather duds (I was dressed in a light sweater and dress pants- for my interview). In fact, if the forecast calls for weather less than 60 degrees, the Rockport residents prepare their fireplaces. I guess you could say Jordan and I are regretting those new NorthFace jackets that we bought this last December. That just gives us a reason to vacation somewhere really cold! Anyway, I assumed, being that it's May in Fort Worth, AND it would be a long time before we needed long sleeves again, that it would be the first and easiest thing to pack. 

I am thrilled to welcome baby Noah Edward Crawford into the world! Joel & Stacy came in yesterday -while I was working!- and I was thrilled to be her labor nurse. She did incredibly well and delivered her first little boy a little after midnight. I could only be her nurse until 11, due to policy, so I guess I cant say I was technically her delivery nurse. However, when I clocked out she was almost ready to push so I stuck around as a little extra support. Sweet little Noah is as cute as a button! Congratulations to the Crawford family! Please pray for continued health and happiness (& sleep!!!!) for this new little family! 

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