Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation & Musings

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Commencement
Travis Avenue Baptist Church
May 8, 2009

Can you find Jordan? Here's a hint- he's in the sea of scarlet red hoods - The Master's of Divinity scarlet hoods. Here's another hint- he's the only person looking at the camera.

It really has his name on it! That makes it official!!

Overwhelming joy AND a sigh of relief

So proud of my lovey-cakes! I even take back all the ugly things I posted about a few days ago... which I will gently remind him of if he EVER thinks about getting his doctorate. 
My family: Me, Nana-banana, the grad, Momma, Cas & Duane. You can imagine we screamed like heathens when he made his walk across the stage for his diploma. 

Post-graduation Lunch with the fam @ Lucile's

While I'm thrilled that the schoolwork is over, I am also aware that graduation means we are leaving soon. Soon soon soon soon soon. Walking through campus the other day, I was so surprised that this journey is basically over. It really seems like only days ago that we were unpacking the truck, moving into our little bear cave. (And let me make this very clear: I will NOT miss the bear cave.) Next weekend, we will travel back down to Rockport for our last and final hurdle. By Sunday afternoon, we will know whether or not Rockport will be our new home. Then it will be start-over time all over again. When we came to Fort Worth, I left saying I hoped I would never lose touch with my Augusta friends. Now as we will be leaving Fort Worth, I hope for the same thing. Our neighbors, our seminary friends, our church friends, our work friends. I'm sad to be leaving our little network and hope that we will see them all again and stay in touch- like we have with a wonderful few friends from Augusta. I love Fort Worth. I will leave kicking & screaming, but I will leave. Maybe you should stick around long enough to read those moving posts! 

Speaking of the blog- I think I've finally found a background I'll stick with for a while. Maybe I'll get tired of it in a few days like the last few backgrounds. I'd really love a nice custom designed blog, but cant see myself spending money on something so frivolous. What I would also like to change??? The title!!

So... In search of a new blog title, maybe I'll have my very first giveaway!

Leave a comment with a few ideas for my new blog title and Friday May 15, I will pick my favorite title and the winner will get -- what else? -- a set of cutie Hollie-made Thank You cards! 

Get posting! 


Kelli said...

Hope you guys land in rockport. We go there fishing every so often. I think Carter and Jordan would get along pretty good and that would be fun. How is Baylor and what hospitals are in Rockport?

Melissa said...

Hollie's Happenings.

Mims' Mimzy's

HMM's Hmmmmmms.

... I'm thinking about you and the Rockport situation!

Megan said...

I have the perfect one for you!

Confessions of a BlogoHOLLIEic--get it, like Confessions of a Shopoholic :)

Carey said...

First of all, congratsamillion to Jordan! Those pics are awesome and I'm sure he felt loved all day long by you.

Secondly, your children will have the most beautiful blue eyes one day.

Kelli said...

How about "The Amazing tales of the Mims Family"....I love keeping up with you by reading your hilarious stories...if nursing doesn't work out there always short stories.....

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