Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greetings furry friend!

Check out the newest addition to the Mims' family! Her name is Mauve (we're still working on middle names and are accepting suggestions) and she's a spunky black lab. She's only 5 weeks old now so she'll stay with her fur-mommy a little bit longer before she comes to live with us. We are so excited! Jordan and I have wanted a dog since we got married, but seminary housing doesnt allow fur children of any variety. But seminary is over and we should close on our house NEXT WEEK (yay!!!!!) which means a dog is now in the cards. (That's where Mauve comes in) Check out the kennel we're getting her from. They are a super nice family with some really beautiful dogs

We cant wait to bring her home!


Megan said...

How fun! Can she hop on the plane and come visit Wyatt?

michele said...

sooo cute! we want a puppy sooo bad!

Mandy said...

So excited for yall. Chase and i got a yellow lab puppy in April and love him to death! Yall will have so much fun with Mauve!

The Lowry Place said...

So glad things are going well for you and your hubby in your new home. You look really happy!

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