Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mo Pics.

Yesterday, while I was hard at work, Jordan took his parents (who came into town for the day) over to the new house to check things out. They took some measurements for furniture and appliances and --more important-- took more pictures! Hubs has even more pictures on his facebook. Oh, and I swear I loaded these in a specific order and somehow they're a little jumbled and out of order. Sorry!

Another shot of the front of the house. See that other house to the left there? That's the house we made our very first offer on! Things obviously didnt work out, but we're ok with that. This house was already under contract when we first were looking and was put back on the market when the buyer backed out. I'm really pleased that this is the house that we ended up with. Sure the house next door has another scrapbooking room, I mean, spare bedroom, but this house has so many things we like that next door neighbor is lacking.

The fab backyard! I love our little deck and fan and grill out area! I cant wait to get some outdoor furniture and have a party.

Out of order guest bath. The stuff you see in the pictures isnt ours. The sellers have a friend staying there to keep the lawn watered and keep everything clean and that sort of thing. So some of this is his stuff, and some of the things you see are the seller's stuff. Just keep that in mind. Anyone who's been to our apartment before, you know what the guest bath is going to look like because we'll use all our old bathroom stuff until I can convince Jordan to let me go buy new things.

The rest of the backyard and our little tree. Doesnt it look just perfect for a black lab puppy? I think so.

Put your sunnies on people! This bedroom is briiiiiight. It was the seller's nursery and it's even more vibrant yellow in real life. This will be the first room to get some Kilz and a nice taupe. If you're planning on visiting, which I already know you are, this will be the guest bedroom.

Praise the Lord for 2 sinks in the master bathroom. O how marvelous.

And a tub! A place to take my post-run ice baths where I dont have to rig up the drain to keep the water in. It wasnt a deal breaker to have a separate shower/bath, we just got lucky.

And another out of order picture- the dining area. There's a picture of the adjoining kitchen a few down. Papasan chair is not included in the sale of the house.

Master bedroom. I may have changed my bedding idea mind again. I have no idea what I want. Maybe I wont worry about it until we get ready to buy new furniture.

The kitchen! Hallelujah for the counter space!!! I am determined to do a lot more cooking when we finally get moved in. Given that there are very few restaurants around here (especially in comparison to the DFW area...or any other area for that matter), I think i'll probably accomplish this goal with ease. The countertops are Corian, which I really like. The door to the right is the pantry and the door to the left is the laundry room. (This picture is from the listing website.)

Another listing picture, here's the living room area -- and look! Windows!!! No more bear cave!!! I'm in heaven. We have heard from the sellers and they are ready to close as soon as possible. All the paperwork is in and the underwriting has begun, so we're hoping to have the keys in the next couple of weeks!

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beautiful. so happy for you two.

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