Monday, July 27, 2009


I havent been blogging about my running much since the half marathon. Mostly because I havent had anything to write about. But for the past few weeks I've been hitting the pavement once again. It's been pretty pathetic- I keep reminding myself that only a few months ago I ran 13.1 miles. I use the climate & lack of a gym as my excuse. Either way, I ran last night and will go again tonight. I cant afford to skip out again. And by afford, I mean larger pant sizes.

Last night was the youth led service, where the kids (and Jordan) are in charge of everything.

Jordan baptized David, who'd accepted Christ during youth camp. Kasi did a great job singing a solo. After the camp video, several of the students shared testimonies of how God worked in their lives during youth camp and in the weeks to follow. And then of course, the evening was topped off with the "Rooster Song." I was mucho proud of our kiddos for overcoming their stage fright & fears of public speaking and opening their hearts and sharing what they've been learning recently. And what's even more awesome?? A girl who came with one of our students accepted Christ last night! Praise God! Jordan and I are both thrilled to see where this great group of kids is going. (PS: Sorry for the weirdly colored pics- they're SOOC. Our desktop, which is still in it's box has all my photoshop tools.)

We were told last week that we'd close on the house this week, which is well short of our scheduled date of August 14. We're really hoping that this week we'll get our set of keys and go from being debt free to having a big ugly mortgage (with a big pretty house attached!). We got our refrigerator yesterday delivered with the help of some friends to it's new nook in the kitchen. (the sellers have moved out and a house-sitter friend, Michael, has taken up temporary residence to tend to the landscaping and any other house needs. We've gotten to know Michael this weekend and he's nice & flexible enough to let us do things like install our fridge before closing) I have finally, officially (i think) decided on the Master bedroom furniture/bedding/wall color. After we get moved in and all of our appliances in order (we still need a washer/dryer!), the master bedroom will be the first on "the list." Hey, going from a ~700 sq foot apartment to a 1800+ sq foot home means we'll need at least a couple new pieces of furniture. So we have a priority "list" and we both agree that something larger than a full sized bed is at the top of the "list." Oh & the master bedroom will be a surprise! Ha!

For all you Fort-Worthians, I'm planning a quick road trip to DFW in 2 weekends.

For all you Augustans, Jordan and I are coming the weekend of October 17.

For everyone else... the beach is lovely (HOT!) this time of year.

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The Lowry Place said...

You can do it. Keep up the running in the long run you'll be thankful you stuck with it.

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