Monday, July 27, 2009

Dont read this.

After re-reading some of my posts from last summer (wooo nostalgia!), I thought I'd update a little. There are no pretty pictures and it's all relatively boring. I'm just being honest.

We ALL remember (vividly) the terrible wisdom tooth extractions. The horrible headaches pre-procedure and all the complications post procedure. My jaw was locked up (trismus) for a solid 6 weeks. My tongue... is still numb. Here we are, a year later and I still have no sensation of hot or cold. I cannot feel textures with my tongue. Basically, I've learned to use the roof of my mouth and the insides of my cheeks to help me chew. Good news is that I can feel pain and tingling. I have pretty much given up on the idea of ever getting more than this pain/tingling sensation back. I thought seriously several months ago about going to an oral surgeon looking for solutions, but assumed that the solution might be more surgery, which I'm not interested in. I did go back to my original dentist and the periodontist who took my teeth out, and they were still relatively unfazed by my odd complication. I just wanted to shake him. On the bright side: My headaches are gone and it's made me a much more open-minded eater (obvious by the fact that I've put on all the weight I lost around my surgery and then a few more pounds on top of that too.) I continuously try to remind myself that it's much easier to live with a numb tongue than debilitating headaches.

Another challenge I faced last year was being diagnosed with GPC (giant papillary conjunctivitis), the issue with my eyes. I'd love to tell you tales of how I miraculously got better overnight, but that would be lying. Because there's no cure for GPC and because I dont qualify for LASIK, this will be something I'll live with for-ev-er. After months of struggling with new contacts and eye drops, supposed to treat the symptoms of GPC, I broke down and switched to daily disposable contact lenses. It seems as if these dailies have greatly improved my tolerance to contact lenses, so while they're expensive, I've only had a few problems with the itching and pain I used to have every day. I've only been using dailies for a couple of months, so I hope that they continue to work well for me.

I'm looking into suggestions for next year's anniversary vacation trip. (just thought i'd throw that out there.)

And now more recent: I'm a little stressed over the job right now. Its hard being the new person in a large group of clique-y women (because the only XY chromosomes in L&D are the docs, and they never stick around long). Speaking of the docs, it's hard to get to know all the different personalities of these docs and the way they like "things" done. I've been chewed out daily for multiple offenses, both of my own doing and of some pretty ridiculous nit-picky things. I want my coworkers to know I'm competent, but after all the scoldings I've received recently, I'm beginning to question whether or not I know I'm competent. I frequently struggle with being prideful. So far, this job has been humbling. I've never missed the always-crazy AWH more than now.

I make it a habit to proofread most of my posts for spelling errors, awkward sentence structure and ideas that need more or less details. After re-reading this post, I came to the conclusion that I am one whiny loser. It feels good to vent a little, if only to poor hubs and my blog. Regardless, I am whiny today. If you've made it this far, I'm sorry!

PS. Please keep Lyndsie in your prayers! She's a sweet girl whose blog I stalk who has battled cancer twice and is facing it once again.


Melissa said...

Everyone is allowed a little whine time every now and again. You are competent. You're just in a new place and questioning everything.

Besides, I love you... and I don't love losers!

Anonymous said...

you are right about the clique-ness of the Corpus hospitals. Don't worry, you will make some fantastic friends there! You're a great nurse!

Carey said...

yay!!! can't wait to see you!

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