Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fort Worth Weekend

We officially closed on our house a week ago (last Thursday 8/6) and so what did I do to celebrate?

Paint? No.

Buy new furniture? No.

Go on a mini-vacation? Yes!

I dont know if a trip back to Fort Worth can really be considered a mini vacation, but I didnt have to work and I had a great time, which has to count for something, right? I took my camera along with me and took a total of 2 pictures the entire weekend. Seriously. After visiting and having dinner with our old seminary neighbors, getting my hair done, celebrating sweet boy Gabe's first birthday and Carey's baby girl-to-be, going to church, having breakfast with our awesome small group and lunch with several friends (and throw in a little shopping here & there and lots of driving & traffic), you'd think I'd have somewhere around 138 pictures... give or take. Eh well.

I was so thrilled to learn that Allison's expecting! Congratulations Taylors on your sweet baby to be!!! I know a perfect place for a baby-moon.... it's sunny, breezy, there's a beach, and your room & board is free! Doesnt that sound nice? This picture and the one below are from Allison... thank goodness someone thinks about preserving memories!!!!

Yay friends! I love these girls (L to R: Allison, Michele, moi & Catherine). Michele went from a great friend to a greater friend after bringing me a Sprinkles Cupcake; we all know how much I LURVE them. mmMmmMmmMmm. Michele, just in case you were wondering, the cupcake was long gone before I even got to Waco. Pure deliciousness.

And look at this cute little man! He loves his bouncy jumper seat thing. Thankfully, I got lots of Carter loving time over the weekend, because the boy is growing like a weed!!! I couldnt believe how much bigger he has gotten over the last 2 months (Yes, can you believe it? We've lived here in Rockport for 2 months already! Time Flies!). And not just Carter- I saw Jeshua and Noah while in town and they are all growing like weeds.

PS: The next post will be alllllllll about the house, so be prepared!

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