Friday, August 28, 2009

Cardboard boxes everywhere...

So we moved into our house on Saturday!

We had so much help moving all our junk from storage unit to house; we've got an awesome church family! There were so many strong arms & trucks, it only took 1 trip! The trucks were unloaded and the furniture was... well in the house in less than an hour. And then the fun started... unpacking. We still have a few boxes left still to be put away, I promise i'll put some pictures of the unpacked house on here, just as soon as it's in order.

And until then.....

Pictures of Mauve!!!

Here she is lounging next to one of the many boxes still left unpacked. She seems to like the new place. She went to the vet on Wednesday and had a good checkup! She got her shots and flea/heartworm medicine and got lots of cookies for being such a good girl. Of course, then she came back home and a few hours later, PP'd right in the middle of our master bedroom (which still has no furniture or mattress... but we're working on that!) on top of our new duvet cover! Stinker!!!! I guess our sheets needed a good wash before we put them on our (nonexistent) bed, and she made sure of that!

Her favorite spot to nap is under the couch... I dont really know how she fits down there to begin with, but she sure wont fit under there much longer!

"Hey! Why did you wake me up????!"

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Melissa said...

Would you like to trade 2 little girls for Mauve??? :)

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