Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Progress

Mauve got her first bath today, which was an experience for both of us. As you can see, I'm almost as wet as she is. Contrary to pupular (haha... get it? PUP-ular? popular?) belief, it wasnt really all that horrible... infact, I rather enjoyed the whole ordeal. One of these days, she'll be too big for me to bathe by myself and then it wont be quite so enjoyable. The folks at "Groomingdales" will have to enjoy her instead. So far, she's chewed through the Macbook power cord, PP'd in her kennel twice, on the tile twice, in our bedroom once and twice on the rug. Thank you Lord she hasnt poopoo'd anywhere yet. *pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease dont ever poopoo somewhere other than outside* Not only does she enjoy the taste of power cords, but also baseboards, cardboard boxes, socks, plastic water bottles, fingers, and basically anything else that will fit in her mouth. I can already begin to sense that she is becoming defiant in areas and I want to make sure I put my foot down and let her know who is in charge. I'm not above spankings. I love my doggie.

Good girl!

So it looks like we'll finally move our furniture and our bodies into our new house this weekend. After what seems like a whole month worth of painting (1.5 weeks in reality), things are finally looking live-able. At first, I was only certain of the Master Bedroom/Master Bathroom color...

Voila!!! Gray!!!
I got the bedding today and our furniture should be here soon and then the whole space will come together and be.... breathtaking! (hopefully) I found the color in the summer book of paint colors from Pottery Barn- and it's called Rockport Gray. How appropriate. I'm hoping once the furniture is in the house, I can show the "before-during-after" photos.

The rest of the house, however, was a complete mess. I had no idea (I mean Not A Clue) what color I wanted the living room/kitchen to be. I didnt know what color the guest bedroom would be. The spare room and guest bath will go completely unpainted for now. So I made several trips to Lowes, Home Depot, decor magazines and Sherwin-Williams to look for color inspiration.
And then I painted on the wall.
We picked our favorite few colors and got paint samples and lived with them all for a few days. Looked at them in the dark. In the sunlight. In the ceiling fan fluorescent light. Thought about what would be easiest to match considering we're replacing the couch/love seat ASAP, but haven't found anything yet. Thought about what went best with the cabinets and countertops. And finally decided...

Yay Gorgeous!!!
I think the "Herbal Wash" color was easily our favorite of the choices and has turned out to be totally beautiful on the walls in the living room and kitchen. Now, to find furniture!

And finally, my favorite room of the house so far.........
Hello beautiful!!!!

The laundry/utility room is not completely finished yet. I'm hoping to put up beadboard & chair rail around the room, which is why it's only painted 75% of the way down the wall. Also, imagine that top basket on the bottom shelf next to its twins. And the washer/dryer? I never thought I'd love an appliance like I love these guys. The washing machine has a spin-only cycle that looks like a turbo jet engine when it's going full speed. They almost make laundry tolerable.


Allier said...

Love it! Love all of it! Especially Mauve... makes me miss my Heidi.

Samantha said...

Your home looks fabulous!! And Mauve is adorable :) I can't wait to visit you guys at some point- hopefully soon!

Mandy said...

Love your house so far Hollie!!

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