Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Many faces of Mauve

After a long ride in the backseat of the Jetta, Mauve has come home to stay for good! She turned 8 weeks old yesterday (her birthday is June 16.) and even though sleeping isnt her forte, Jordan and I are super excited to have her around. I feel like we may have gotten a tiny taste of what parenthood would be like (so long baby fever!)- she was awake & crying every 2 hours on Monday night. Halfway through the night, her kennel was shifted to the garage and she still kept both of us up. Last night, we covered her kennel with a blanket and put a tick-tock clock noise next to her and she didn't cry until 6 this morning. Looks like we'll be repeating this combo tonight!

Hey, I think I need a smaller collar!

I promise I'm not doing anything wrong!



No more pictures, please.


Carey said...

what a cutie! good for you taking lots of pictures of this stage...puppyhood passes so quickly, so keep it up. and good job not giving in to her (cute) cries at night, too. what a good momma! :)

Melissa said...

i want you to get your baby fever back. now. thank you. :) haha.

mauve is adorable. i love labs!

mom said...

Is that dog not the cutest? Even with that big ole collar that she'll grow into in no time, those baby blue eyes just melt anyone with good sense! Good luck with baby training.

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