Thursday, November 19, 2009

I spent last weekend in lovely DFW. It's been 3 months since my last visit, so I was long overdue for a haircut & color job! I just cant seem to bring myself to try out someone new- I just love my girl Jessica! I even had to track her down, because since my last visit she moved to a new salon. After shedding a good pound of hair, I feel like a new woman!

What else did I do last weekend? A lot of this... (thank you Curtis for the lovely snooze shot...)

...a lot of shopping (but never enough!)
...visits with old friends
...eating out - but not at Chili's!!!!!

It was a great weekend. I wish I'd been more proactive and took more pictures with my sweet sweet friends. I'm so glad they put up with me and all the running around I did. It made me sad going around to our old apartment and remembering all the great times we had with friends there. I miss our impromptu dinners and communal cook outs and borrowing eggs & sugar on a moment's notice. By no means do I miss our literal apartment! I L.O.V.E. our house (heck, only a cardboard box could be worse than our old bear cave!). Our friends who are still in seminary are set to graduate this year and soon I will have no reason to return to our old apartments. Please lift up our seminary friends in your prayers today: Greg, Kelli & Eli, who are settling into life in Tulsa, OK; Josh, Mendy & Jeshua, who are also settling into life in Madison/Harvest AL; and Joel, Stacy & Noah as well as Shannon, Amber & little baby Dylen (who has yet to make her grand entrance into the world) who are almost finished with the seminary chapter of their lives.

PS. I have some competition now! See the world through the hub's eyes!

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