Friday, November 20, 2009

I cant think of a title.

While I was in Fort Worth this past weekend, Jordan took a day to visit his Dad.

Doesnt he look great!??

Mr Mims will go this coming week (Thanksgiving week) to his first evaluation for the TEAR challenge therapy program. This is the outpatient program Jordan and I were hoping he would get into, and the jury's still out as to whether or not insurance will cover it. It will begin as 4 hour days, 5 days per week, and then I think as progress is made, they back down to less time and less days per week. It focuses on physical, occupational, and cognitive therapy. Ms. Aretha, George's day time caretaker will drive him back & forth to therapy each day. He will officially start the program (if he is approved) the week after Thanksgiving. We are super thankful that he is being evaluated for this program and has reliable transportation to get there each day! Our God is faithful to provide all our needs!!

Operation Christmas Card Photo was revisited yesterday. We received copies of our first photos in the mail (PS- I LOVE They have the cheapest cheapest cheapest rates of any photo website I know of- and have all sorts of interesting sizes. I've only ever used them and I will continue to! Winkflash did not pay me for this. Just so you know.) and they were oriented the wrong way. I figured I could work with this, but I'd end up having to crop off half of Jordan's head or half of the dog. This = no bueno. The orientation thing was definitely my bad, and because all of the great pictures we got during photo shoot #1 were vertically oriented, I called our buddy Blaire up again for photo shoot #2. I havent seen official copies of #2, but I think they're doubly cuter than our first pic! After all was said & done yesterday, Jordan turns to me and goes, "I'm glad we retook pictures. I hated the first picture. I looked like a troll and Mauve looked possessed."

Maybe he didnt say "troll" exactly.

PS. I went for a run yesterday after taking nearly 3ish months off. It turned into more of a jog/walk and I'm pretty sore today. It's apparent: I'm painfully out of shape once again.

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