Saturday, November 7, 2009

The world needs commercialized Thanksgiving songs.

So here we are a week into November and I have barely scratched the surface of our 2009 Christmas cards. Thankfully our friend Blaire came by today and got some pictures -one of which we hope to use for our card! The pic above is just a little teaser!

So Mr. Mims is now home. He was denied anymore coverage in the rehab hospital by his insurance company because they were unable to prove he was making progress (I think that's what happened...). I was misinformed and had some wrong information in the last post. If he were to come home (which he is now), insurance will pay for home therapy but will not pay for a skilled person to stay with him during the day. They also have the option of putting him in an outpatient rehab facility, where he will go for a few hours each day and then go home. The only problem with outpatient therapy is finding a way to get him back & forth everyday to downtown Houston and home. As I said in the previous post, he is not ready to transfer to Mentis and according to one of his therapists, could need another 3-4 weeks of therapy before he is able to complete the tasks necessary to qualify. Nobody knows how easy it will be to approve a transfer to Mentis after he has already spent some time at home, so I dont know if this is even an option anymore. We still need lots of prayers for healing as Mr. Mims still has a very long recovery ahead.

I deleted Google Analytics.

5 days later and it still said I had no traffic on my blog? Dummies.


Erika said...

No traffic?? That's insane because I'm fairly certain I visited SEVERAL times since your last post. So boo on Analytics. I will be praying for your FIL...that sounds like a really tough situation...insane how insurance companies apparently run the medical system. I hope your Christmas picture was in front of that chair-- that chair is the BEST!

churchillclan said...

Hi Holly! I know we don't know each other well, but I check your blog often so I'm glad you deleted the google thing! I love your blog! And I have been thankful for all of your updates on George. I love, love, love your new house and am glad that you and Jordan are doing so well!

Lisa Churchill, WABC

Shannon said...

Hey girl,
I thought I left a comment on your previous post but I may not have submitted it. Anyway, I check you blog daily so that Google program is definitely wrong. :o) have friends that love you!
Thanks for the info on George. That's another reason I check your blog frequently. :o)
Cute pic of you and Mauve!

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