Saturday, November 21, 2009

They grow up so fast... *tear

Oh little Mauvey.

You arent so little anymore...
One of your first baths. You were so easy to get clean, and you actually smelled good for at least a few hours afterward. I could scoop you up in a towel and carry you around the house.

Not so much now.
Bathtime is a chore. You are patient and never try to hop out of the tub or shake everywhere, but regardless, bathtime is exhausting. By the time i'm done scrubbing, my back is aching and i'm a sweaty mess. You no longer fit in a towel, but instead are much more interested in eating the towel. Oh, and I dont even try to sniff for a pleasant odor, because it is never there.

Our first picture of sweet Mauve. You couldnt have been 10lbs in this picture- a little peanut furball.

I attempted another picture holding Mauve, but 50lbs of squirmy, licking dog doesnt make things easy. You're 22 and a half weeks old, and you love long walks (not on the beach- you're not allowed to go on the beach), digging up the backyard, your "baby"- a stuffed squeaker mouse, and getting in the middle of things when Jordan and I are trying to tie our shoes. You still havent quite gotten the hang of how to behave when visitors come by. Despite your issues with diarrhea and allergies, you're a pretty great doggy.


Casey D said...

I can't wait to meet Mauve. I wish I had the money to come visit...Hopefully spring break and/or after graduation :)

Melissa said...

:) I just love you. Period.

Erika said...

Awww...Mauve looks (and apparently acts) a lot like my Lola! They could be good friends. Except Mauve has to promise not to teach Lola anything about diarrhea...yuck!! But she can bestow hours of wisdom about how to behave in the bathtub...that would be excellent. :)

Allier said...

How sweet Mauve and baby Garrett are about the same age... Now i will always know how old Mauve is. Thankfully she is much bigger than Garrett. :)

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