Friday, January 8, 2010

Adventures in Cooking Vol. 2

Due to low patient census, I was lucky enough to make a break from the livelihood and head home (but not before buying myself a new pair of tennies! Woo!). After making my shop stop, I headed to the grocery store because I was determined to make the Betsy. I promise one day soon I'll break out of the PW rut and jump into one of my other new cookbooks. Jordan has already cracked into the Good Eats book and made Spinach & Artichoke dip for the Taylors. Fancy boy.

Back to Betsy.

Isnt it pretty???
Heavy cream is everyone's best friend. It sticks with you closer than a brother. Nevermind that it sticks right around your hips, midsection, lovehandles or those little jiggly bits right south of armpits. Speaking of armpits (and my aversion to raw onion- Betsy has sauteed onion, which turned out splendidly in comparison to the chicken spaghetti), am I the only one who thinks raw onion smells like ripe body odor? Raw onions smell like body odor; body odor makes me gag; therefore, raw onions make me gag. Am I crazy?

Dont answer that.

Jordan requested a shot of the manual labor I put him through.

Feast your eyes on this...

Mauve helped out too. She's very good at cleaning the floor! She just walks around behind me and licks up whatever I may have dropped on the floor. Am I ever going to have a blog without mentioning Mauvey?

Ta da!

This was pretty delish! It makes a TON of food - I probably threw away more than we ate! Next time I'll only make half the recipe and use maybe grilled chicken & pancetta in place of shrimp. Oh I'm so excited to try something else new! Any suggestions?

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE The Soup? (chicken tetrazzini!!)


Carey said...

ooh, your kitchen is so pretty! i really want to see more pics of the house. and i hope you don't blog without mentioning mauvey.

Erika said...

Yum, this looks delish! I also employ my dog to be Head Floor Cleaner. She really excels at the job...

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