Monday, January 11, 2010

"Sexual Relations"

San Antonio Super Getaway Weekend Extravaganza = Success!

The hubs doesn't like ol PuffChang's, so I've got to load up while he's not around.

Our Room @ Hotel Valencia

If the river has no water in it, is it still a River? No, it's just a concrete ditch.

It was wicked cold

Band @ Dolores De Rio

Seriously! Cold!

Neato room in Mi Tierra

Again @ Mi Tierra!

Bakery Case @ Mi Tierra! Crazy good treats!

Weekend Recap:

8a: Packing the car and enjoying a couple of cinnamon rolls before hitting the road.
830a: Sinnies consumed.
~1130a: Arrive in San Marcos.
230p: Leave San Marcos with no cash left.
3p: Midafternoon Snack @ PF Chang's.
~5p: Check in @ Hotel Valencia, Room 519
730-930p: Dinner, live music, & awkward belly dancer entertainment @ Dolores Del Rio.
10p: Feeling drowsy

1200a-2a: Awoken by music blaring d/t wedding @ Hotel Valencia.
324a: Awoken by a very vocal conjugal visit in room 518.
4a: Sleep.
~10a: Arguing with front desk about loud wedding & "sexual relations"
11a: Greatest chorizo taco EVER @ Mi Tierra
12p: Continued shop-fest.
130p: Lunch @ PF Chang's.
3p: En Route to Rockport
~515p: Home Sweet Home.

Good Times.


Carey said...

i have yet to hear someone else's sex. someday. someday.

um...and p.s. next time you're in san marcos, call me! i'll come spend money with you.

Allier said...

I am glad your trip was a success!

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