Thursday, January 21, 2010


In light of a comment on my last blog, I had the idea of a little dialogue session. Jordan says I'm about as predictable as it gets when it comes to eating out. We'll see how easily he comes up with my usual choices...

Me: I'm going to name a restaurant and you tell me what I always get, ok? Can you play along with me?

J: Sure.

Me: Ok, Carrabbas?

J: Chicken Bryan.

Me: PF Chang's?

J: Kung Pao Shrimp.

Me: Any mexican restaurant?

J: Tacos.

Me: But what about Abuelo's?

J: Durango Burrito.

Me: Macaroni Grill?

J: Vodka rustica

Me: That's not on the menu anymore.

J: Oh well then Penne Rustica.

Me: Olive Garden?

J: Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara

Me: Carino's?

J: Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival

Me: Outback?

J: Outback special with a sweet potato

Me: Bonefish?

J: Bang Bang Shrimp. You have Fried shrimp at every seafood restaurant we go to.

Me: Zaxby's?

J: Kickin Chicken Sandwich

Me: California Dreaming?

J: Soup & Salad

I'd say he pretty much got them all spot-on. Is it so bad? I like what I like and I'm afraid if I choose something new & fancy, it will be a disappointment!

What is your restaurant routine? Are you a tried-and-true, stick with the favorites like me? Or do you choose something new with each visit?



Casey D said...

I like eating the same things...but I might have a few go-to meals at one restaurant. Like take Moe's for example, I could go with the burrito, or a quesadilla.

Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

I like to change it up a little bit most times.

However, when it comes to BoneFish, NOTHING beats the Bang Bang. I would get it as an appetizer and main course if I didn't feel so gluttonous.

And just recently I discovered I like burritos so that opens up a whole new can of beans. No pun intended.

Keeley said...

Sounds like you should be looking through all the cookbooks you got for Christmas and stay home and cook!! hahaha

Kristina said...

wow...he's got you down! impressive

I like to try new things..and new restaurants.

I'm not usually a chain restaurant kind of gal....I like to find unique, yummy, yet still affordable places. I prefer the kind of restaurant where there is an actual chef who experiments and creates the recipes, the menu changes with the season, and the ingredients are fresh,local, and seasonal.

I'll still do a chain restaurant, but if we are going out, I want to make it worth my while!

Call me a snob, but that's what comes from living in Athens (land of above-described restaurants)for 6 years! and being raised by a filipino mom has made me adventurous!

Erika said...

i LOVE how he knows your every food-love...down to the correct title! Matt would probably be more like "ummm...that thing with chicken and that green stuff??" Ha.

I'm a little more adventurous. Like Kristina, I've been influenced by the Athens food scene a little too much, so I tend to choose entrees based on how likely it is to be 'real' (versus a microwaved sauce), how seasonally appropriate it is, etc. Or, of course, what I'm currently craving. I'm always craving something!!

Carey said...

i like an adventure on my plate--something new each time.

Shannon said...

I'm usually get the same thing when eating out. Except Mexican. I've got several things I choose from but I never try something new.

I'm not very adventurous. I love food and if I ordered something new and didn't like it, I'd be very dissapointed that I wasted the money and the food. :o)

Megan said...

My Jordan could of totally done the same thing! If I find what I like...I stick with it!

Anonymous said...

Open the menu with your eyes closed, turn it upside down then randomly poke at something. So what if it's dessert! Try it sometimes, it's fun :)

kristen said...

love it!! i am the exact same way! my theory is... why waste the money trying something new and hating it when you could have gotten the "usual" and loved it:)

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