Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adventures in Cooking

I had the notion that I would cook something new-to-me both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The goal was Penne a la Betsy on Tuesday and Chicken Spaghetti tonight. I still had seafood Tuesday, but it wasn't shrimp in a tomato cream sauce. I stuck with the spaghetti tonight, because I could make it ahead of time and cook it after church, and because I didnt need to get a cart full of groceries to make it.

So here goes...

The before...

Putting my new cookbook to good use!

The during...
The after...
So what's the verdict?

Let me jump in with a little anecdote: The first thing I EVER saw on Pioneer woman was her recipe for Chicken Spaghetti. I dont know if any of you Baylor girls still read this, but it's all Amanda Rhodes' fault!!! She did this to me!!! She raved about how delish this dish was and how fabulous the entire PW website was. I went home, looked up the recipe and took an extra minute to check out what else was so appealing. Fast forward a year or so... and now my husband thinks I'm a PW stalker freak.

Back to the CS... I think I'll make it a little differently next time (which, I already exchanged out the Cream of Mushroom soup for Cream of Chicken, given that I do not like fungus.) I'm also not an onion fan, with the exception of them being cooked in something. Raw onion = gag. I mistakenly thought that the 40 minute cook time would soften them and cut some of that offensive raw onion flavor out. BUT they were still crunchy and pungent and I picked around and pulled out big chunks here & there (see the ring around my plate!). Jordan really liked it, crunchy onions & all. I got the Jordy OK to make this again in the future and I think next time I'll decrease the volume of diced onion and saute them prior to assembling the casserole. So there you have it.

PS: I havent mentioned this yet, but I'm taking a fabulous weekend getaway to San Antonio this Saturday & Sunday! I'm SOOOOOO looking forward to it- just me & Bethany & lots of shopping, laughter, and good times. Pictures to come!

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