Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celebrating Baby Wells

I was honored this morning to throw a baby shower for my great friend Bethany. She was kind enough to help us through buying our first house, was nice enough to stick around after all the paperwork died down and has become such a sweet friend and confidante. Her beautiful baby to be may be a girl... or a boy! It's a surprise!!!

The Spread.

Can I just say for about 20 seconds how exciting surprise babies are?!!!? There are few things as exciting (as an L&D nurse) as a mommy & daddy finding out their big surprise at delivery! Such a sweet, sweet moment to be apart of.

Back to food. New recipe coming in the next few posts!!!

This fun idea was straight from Bethany herself-- an iced tea bar! Easy and girly, you have containers of sweet (of course!) and unsweet tea. Then, you allow your guests to "customize" their tea with neat add-ins! We had a container of lemonade and freshly sliced lemons to make an Arnold Palmer. We also had oranges and limes. There was fresh mint, and raspberry syrup. The combinations and ideas are endless!! Fresh mango, strawberries, raspberries, peaches.... flavored syrups... so fun! My combination of choice? Sweet tea with a swirl of raspberry syrup. So delicious!

Sweet sister Em!

She got tons of great loot-- including the hooter hider! Hahaha, I love those things if only for their name. She got a lot of boy clothes... and the general consensus is that sister Em is getting a little brother. Oh and for anyone who insists that showers for "surprise sex" babies arent as fun as traditional girl/boy showers -- you're just plain wrong! Besides, my go-to shower gift (dipes & wipes!!!! Always a hit!!!) is as unisex as they come.

Super sweet & talented shower hostesses!

I love this lady & cant wait to meet her little peanut!

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looks like another great success! :)

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