Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend Away

We're spending the next few days with our fantastic friends Philip & Samantha in Chicago. I'm super excited to catch up with them, get some great shopping in, and eat my weight in deep dish pizza.

Mauve the destroyer will spend her weekend at the Doggy Hotel
Doubtful that such a sweet pup could be destructive?

The chew toy for "extreme chewers." Guaranteed to entertain Dogs & their owners...

If you consider picking up hundreds of chewed rubber chunks out of the carpet "entertainment."

Oh and apparently, she likes her animals un-stuffed. Thank You.

I'm sure we will all be having fun with our friends this weekend.

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Emily said...

I can totally relate. Our dog rips every toy to shreds within a day. I'm thankful that she doesn't chew the furniture!

tracy said...

they actually make unstuffed doggy toys. My sister got some for her labs and they couldn't tear them up as much as they tried to!

Casey D said...

apparently sophie takes after her aunty mauve because thats what my floor looks like about 95% of the time:) all of the toys and lifeless and stiff from slobber.

Michele said...

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! Your dog is beautiful and I hope you have a great time in Chicago! I've always wanted to go, but can never find the time. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and best of luck to you on my giveaway! :)

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