Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See You At The Pole 2010

"God- I pray that the whole world would soon know your name."
-RFHS Student prayer

I am continuously surprised by our students. Wednesday was See You at the Pole and we (along with Coastal Oaks Church) hosted a Pre-Pole Rally. The Rally was awesome- we brought in the James Curlin Band in for some fantastic worship music. Then we brought in one of my favorite guys, Ronny Marriott to pump the students up and challenge them to take a stand for their faith.

James & the band did a great job and I have a feeling we will be having them back again in the spring to be our Impact 2011 (aka: DNow) worship band. Not only did they have a great sound, but they are some really nice guys to hang around with. They let Mauve lick and sniff all over them, which has to mean something, right??? Check them out @!

It was so nice getting to see Ronny and Robin again! While Jordan and I were in seminary, we attended church at Shady Oaks Baptist where Ronny was the head pastor. He and Robin have always been very supportive of Jordan and me and we were bittersweet to leave SOBC. Surprisingly enough, Ronny took the head pastor job at FBC Corpus a few months ago and is now very close again!

I think we had somewhere around 75 students join hands and pray for their school, teachers, peers, and world on Wednesday morning. It was such a sweet sight. Jordan spent time at RFMS and said they also had a good turnout. I am so proud of our students who have chosen to take a stand for Christ at their schools and I hope that they continue to embrace the courage needed to represent Jesus to their friends and fellow students!

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