Monday, September 20, 2010

Party Wash-out

So I had a fantastic time at my first Stella & Dot show yesterday. Catherine and her whole fam came into town to give me some love and support, which was awesome. We tried to convince them to relocate, but I think Curtis will need a little more persuasion!

Maybe I was expecting a few ladies who didnt end up coming to the party... but I'll give them a rain check. We did have a good turnout, despite the weather. Somehow I was the last to know that Hurricane Karl was making his way towards us!!! I was in the dark about Hermine too. I guess I need to start watching the news more! I think we only ended up getting an outer band of the storm, but it was enough to cause lots & lots of flooding around here.

I think it dumped somewhere between 10-12 inches of rain in Rockport on Sunday alone!!!

(Bonni- I stole your pics from fb... thanks!)

We're trying to get dry, but the rain is predicted to last all week! Maybe there will be a few clear moments, because these storms are really putting a hurting on my running schedule!!!

And soon the mosquitos will be carrying me away. Time to invest in a few more cans of bug spray!

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Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

Would you please send the rain our way? You remember how to get here right?

It's been hot, muggy and needless to say, dry. Pollen levels through the roof!

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