Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Retreat 2010

It's taken me long enough to post about this. Life has been hectic and packed with goodies for the last 3 weeks and things have now slowed down. I am excited just to have a lazy day and finally update my blog in a good way (and not the cop-out way... see last post for an example.)

The FBCR Student Ministry Fall Retreat 2010 (for girls only!) was great. I was massively nervous about this weekend, but in the end, everything went really, really well.

Girls in a Circle

We had a total of 24 girls come by throughout the weekend. What a blessing!!!! Because of the busy fall sports, some girls made it Friday night, some came for Saturday night and lots came for both nights. I'm hoping that next year, we can have the retreat in an out of town location. (Yes- I'm already dreaming up next year's retreat!!!)

Holly Matthews came and led music for us and was AWESOME. She was sweet enough to spend the night Friday and stay all day Saturday, getting to know the girls and facilitating relationships.

Dont let this picture fool you, the girls didnt actually sleep.

Hahaha... the van shot... pre-"shenanigans." I want to say thanks to Destiny for being my official weekend photographer. (as I was a little busy with other things)

I'm really excited that the folks we "visited" were so tickled by our outpourings of "love." We even received some forked cupcakes at Tribe on Sunday night. Hilarious!

I hope that some of the gals who participated enjoyed themselves. I also more importantly hope that they spent some serious time learning God's word. We covered topics like loving yourself, loving God and loving other people. We talked about modesty and purity. It was nice to even remind myself how important it is to spend quality time reading the Bible and improving my relationship with Christ.

What a great group of girls!!!!

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