Sunday, October 24, 2010


We hosted another Overtime this past friday night at FBCR. This event is also known as Fifth Quarter- it starts as soon as the football game is over and ends sometime around midnight. Its a place for students to go and have fun and this past week was no exception.

3 words: Sumo Wrestling Tournament.

We also had ping pong tournaments going on. The gal playing on the right table won last night AND won the first tournament, which was held a few weeks ago at a prior Overtime. I think it's safe to say she lives up to her player name: "Rockstar!"

The sumo wrestling was a HUGE hit. (get it? HUGE?? hahaha)

We'll host one more Overtime before the end of the football season. Ultimately, we hope the unchurched students who come to have fun will return and get plugged in. Who says good, clean fun doesnt exist anymore?? We had somewhere around 75ish students stop by to ping pong, eat pizza and bump around in sumo suits. Success!

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