Monday, October 4, 2010

Giveaway Winner & A Work Funny

My husband was roped into a very scientific and fancy method of choosing the giveaway winner. I told him to pick a number between 1 and 27.

So .....

Congratulations Becky!!!

Everyone go visit Becky @ Arms, Farms & Fam and tell her how jealous you are of her new *FREE* goody! She has some yummy looking enchiladas on her blog that I may just have to test out soon. Thanks to everyone who entered & be looking again for another giveaway soon!

Other things a-comin soon... Chicago! With pictures!

And now a work funny: A patient comes in to be induced. I walk in the room to put the monitors on the patient. I like to make small talk with my patients. It usuallly seems to facilitate bonding, but then there are sometimes where I can hardly contain the chuckles...

Me: So how far dilated are you? Did your doctor check you in the office?
Pt: (silence. She looks at me like I am speaking greek.)
Me: (thinking I dont know why this question is so difficult) Has. your. doctor. checked. you. to. see. if. your. cervix. was. dilated?
Pt: *whispering* Like check me with with his hand?

Me: Ummmmmm...yes.


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W O W!

Becky said...

Oh yay, I never win anything! This along w/ the patient story made my day, thank you!

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