Friday, October 8, 2010


We spent last weekend visiting the windy city! It was our first trip ever to Chicago and we specifically went to see the sights and catch up with our good friends Philip & Samantha. You may remember them from the Disney World trip & subsequent blog post. Yes, they were kind enough to both put up with our whining for a week in June and then let us stay with them this past weekend!

I had entirely intended to write about this much earlier, but my week has been consumed with work and preparing for the Girl's Retreat this weekend! It starts tonight and I've still got a few things left to accomplish. I'd say i'll write about this weekend on Sunday when I get home, but I'll probably spend the afternoon catching up on the sleep I didnt get over the weekend! (that and I need to run 7 miles on Sunday! Woohoo! That calls for an ice bath!)

Anyway.... a quick pictorial of our Chicago trip:

When we arrived Thursday afternoon (gosh, could I look any more tired here?), we met Philip downtown and ate some real Chicago deep dish pizza at Gino's East. Asking someone from Chicago where the best deep dish pizza is located is kind of like asking someone from South Texas where the best mexican food is. Everyone has a different opinion. My opinion? It was yummy and filling! One piece of pizza was like a gut bomb!

Pretty city. I think that while I am a city girl at heart, I also love owning a house that doesnt cost a ridiculous amount of money. Also, there was a small period of time in H&M where I got a little claustrophobic from the crowd. I'm over that now.

Yay Bean Picture!

Anyone who has read my blog for even just 5 minutes knows that I cannot turn down Sprinkles. So of course, we made a trip and it was divine as usual. I got a strawberry cupcake (my fav!) and a vanilla cupcake. I should've gotten out of my comfort zone and tried a cinnamon sugar or chai latte cupcake but oh well. There's always next time!

Philip & Samantha insisted that we try Molly's cupcakes also. This little shop was right around the corner from their old place in Lincoln Park and is super cute! After we got home, we noticed while flipping channels one night, that they were competing on the Foodnetwork show Cupcake Wars! (Being that I'm no longer a reality show fan however, I did not watch it and therefore dont know if Molly's was victorious.) The cupcakes were pretty tasty and the flavors were a little more eclectic than strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. We got a peanut butter & Hazelnut cupcake and a cookies & cream cupcake.

In the end, there was a clear winner in our cupcake war.... and I'll give you one guess as to who that was.

I cant wait to visit Chicago again... although it'll probably be next April or May. My warm-blooded Southern self just cant handle the cold!

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Samantha said...

Great pics! It was so nice having you guys here! I can't wait to come visit you this winter :)

Oh, and Molly won on Cupcake Wars!

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