Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Once upon a time there was a doughnut. And this doughnut's life goal was to captain a ship. He hoped and prayed that an opportunity would come his way and that one day, in some way, he could become a ship's captain. It just so happened that not long ago, this doughnut found himself on a ship! He knew in his heart that his time had come. He made his way to the ship's helm and spoke with the captain. He pleaded and begged to be the captain of the ship, even if just for a few minutes. The captain told him that he was a doughnut and in no way capable of being a ship's captain. Brokenhearted, the doughnut rolled off the ship and into the ocean.

Jordan and I chose to cancel our cable this week. I announced this at work yesterday and got a lot of funny looks and stares. Someone goes, "Why did you have to turn off your cable? You're an RN!" (as if to insinuate that I have plenty of money to afford such luxuries as cable.) People just dont seem to understand that we chose to cut this from our lives. Sure, I'll miss Say Yes to the Dress, but lets face it, I'm finally cutting out a major time-sucker and I'm eager to see what proactive things I can fill my time with now that I dont have trash tv and reruns to occupy my day.

And just to clarify: according to hubs, the cable will be reinstated once football season (and more importantly, the NFL Sunday Ticket) resumes.

Speaking of football (in a roundabout way), the dates for Passion 2012 have been announced! Jordan and I will be heading to Atlanta on January 2 and descending on the Georgia Dome (where the falcons play... see the football connection now?). There has been so much that has already come from the workings of Passion 2011, that I am much-o excit-o for next year! For those of you upcoming seniors and college students here in Rockport, start saving your pennies and mark your calendars (1/2/12 - 1/5/12)!

I have a friend who went fishing the other day (not surprising- considering I live at the beach and fishing is very much a way of life here), and poor girl somehow dropped her wedding ring in the water. I'd be a basket case if something like that happened to me. Somehow, she kept on fishing, caught several fish and reluctantly went home to break the news to her husband. Once she got home, her husband started to clean the fish and something fantastic happened! Guess what he found when he cut open the belly of one of her fish?!?!!

A doughnut.

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Erika said...

HAHAHA...for real about the doughnut in the fish?? Craziness. Sad about the wedding ring though.

Matt and I didn't have cable for the first 2 years we were married (combination of couldn't afford/didn't want). Didn't bother us at all. Now that we do have it and we spend SO much time watching it...I wonder what it would be like without. I convince myself that it would be terrible...back when we did without, we lived in Athens and there was plenty to do, people to see, etc. Now...I just feel like there would be all these hours of time spent twiddling our thumbs...I dunno though. Maybe you can keep track of a week's worth of "what we did after 7pm" and I will see if it could be done in my life as well. :) OK, end longest comment ever.

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