Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do Something!

Today I want to plug a ministry that I am in support of. I've rewritten this blog several times because I dont want to send the wrong message. Do Something Now is a ministry branch of the Passion Movement and is based around the idea that Together We are a Force for Good. Most specifically, I want to bring to light their Haiti Rising campaign. In this, Passion has joined forces with Samaritan's Purse (you know about them if you've ever stuffed shoe boxes at Christmas!) to aid in removing what has kept Haiti from rebuilding after the devastating earthquake over a year ago.

Check out what the Do Something Now website says about Haiti Rising:
Among the massive challenges facing rebuilding efforts in Haiti is the seemingly endless amount of rubble left in the earthquake’s wake. Over a year after the devastating blow, thousands of homes, businesses, schools and churches lie in ruins, mounds of collapsed concrete slabs that remain a formidable barrier to the future. Many of the issues that plague Haiti’s rebirth are complex, yet rubble removal is not. That is, if the right equipment is in place and skilled teams are on the scene. While it takes a dozen workers armed with hammers months to clear one two-story home, a heavy equipment team using an excavator and a dump truck can accomplish the same task in one day. One month vs. one day. Yet, there are few such heavy equipment teams working in Haiti as we speak. Until the rubble is gone, rebuilding cannot begin. Together, we can help clear the way, creating the possibility for families, schools, businesses and churches to rise again.

The goal of this ministry is to provide a second heavy equipment team to aid in removing more of the rubble and help Haiti rebuild itself. To learn more about this ministry or to give to this cause, visit Do Something Now. At the very least, I would ask that, you- my lovely and wonderful blog readers, would pass this information forward. Facebook it, Tweet it, Blog it-- whatever! Half the battle is assembling the troops!

And now for the disclaimer: I dont want to make light the destruction that many southeast towns are facing in the wake of the terrible storms from last week. There are many many needs that are coming out of this and I am aware of this and do not want to pretend or seem like any one need is more important than another. I also know of many individuals personally who have been affected by the tornadoes and am happy to connect a "giver" with a need if you are interested in helping.

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