Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I've done

I've received many more incredulous and horrified looks since revealing that Jordan and I no longer have cable. And to clarify (because i've received this question numerous times as well), when I say we have no cable I mean we have nothing. No basic channels. No local channels. If we turn our TV on, it's to watch a movie or play a video game. Most of the time it looks like this:

It's quiet. And that's nice.

This doesnt mean that we are totally unplugged from the world- last night, Jordan watched the Amazing Race finale on Abc.com or hulu or something. I'd hoped for the cowboys or globe trotters to win it all, but alas. I'd consider watching Glee online except that it's not nearly as fun and appealing as season 1 was. Again, alas.

So for those curious minds out there (and to kill some time now that I dont have mindless shows to kill it for me) i've kept up a little journal of what we've done with our time since we've left cable television in the dust.

I Give You....

What I've Done After 7pm

Wednesday: (the first day with a blank screen.... DirecTV took a few days to actually cut our feed after we cut our $$) Church. Ran 3 miles. Checked Facebook. Wrote a blog. Quiet Time. Bed.

Thursday: Watched Iron Man. Organized my jewelry...

... Played Angry Birds. Read a few pages of Desiring God by John Piper. Quiet Time. Bed Time.

Friday: Honduras Mission Team Fundraiser & Movie Night. Browsed Tasty Kitchen and other wonderful food blogs for new recipes. Read a few more pages of Desiring God. Tried numerous times to play Scene It! with Jordan via bluetooth. No success. Bedtime.

Saturday: Work. Eat (Poppyseed chicken! Thanks hubs!). Quiet Time/Desiring God. Sleep.

Sunday: Work (spent all day helping women become mothers on mothers day. Decided I wanted nothing to do with being a mother anytime soon. I love you mom!). Eat (Pizza Hut). Facebook stalked for RFHS Prom Pictures. Desiring God/Quiet Time. Sleep.

Monday: Work. Eat (Chick-fil-A!)

Sidenote: I could write an entire blog post about my newfound LOVE of Chick-Fil-A Sauce. Oh how I love thee!

Goodbye boring BBQ. My allegiance now lies with Chick-Fil-A Sauce.

Where have you been all my life?

You make waffle fries divine and chicken nuggets... nuggetier.


Back to Monday. After I got home from work, I fell asleep on the couch after doing some facebooking & blog stalking.

See that! Life can exist outside of TV! Bah to all you naysayers! My non-work days have been filled with all sorts of good things like cooking and cleaning and laundry and exercise and naps! Tonight I am cooking Chicken Spaghetti and hosting our Bible Study group. Also today, I will do some laundry and pack for an upcoming trip to Augusta and clean the house. And Run. And finish this blog.

And post a random-not-at-all-relating picture of myself and the hubs:


Samantha said...

Love the bangs!! And I am totally coveting your jewelry. ;)

Erika said...

Wow!! Love the productivity. And your jewelry. And also, we have the same haircut.

Melissa said...

LOVE the hair! And the lady with the hair! ;)

Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

What is this CFA Sauce? Is it their Honey BBQ that comes on the grill chicken sandwich?

tracy said...

love your hair! you both look great! :)

hollie marie said...

CFA sauce and the honey roasted BBQ are not the same thing!! Seriously, next time you populate a CFA, ask for the CFA Sauce. And then apply said sauce liberally unto all edible items.

Button Eyed said...

SO sweeet ..

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