Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I miss my red hair.

A lot.

Do you remember it?

That sassy 'do with the blond pieces too?

It was around before the bangs.

Before the brown came back into town.

Oh red, I miss you.

Maybe I'll see you again really soon...

...like on Thursday.

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Erika said...

oooh...loving the red hair. What's the cut going to be like? I do love that blunt bangs one (with brown hair)...probably because it reminds me of myself, ha.

Also, my WV word is "lordster". That's really funny to me. Like if you're part of some royalty family and your title is 'lord,' and you have a young son, he might be a 'lordster' (like a youngster? get it?)...okay, thanks for playing along.

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