Saturday, January 28, 2012

Setting a New Pace

I havent blogged about running in a long time. Let me start by saying I still run. Sometime around this time last year I got a little burned out with the whole running thing. Maybe I blogged about my discontent, I don't remember, but I was really starting to dread ANY exercise at all. I'd planned to run another half marathon (gosh, remembering this seems so long ago, much further back than simply a year. I checked last year's posts just to make sure. So you won't have to. See, aren't I nice?), but bowed out after lots of internal and external struggling. Issues with pride and unhappiness... wow - this is quickly becoming more about things much deeper than simply running. What a year it's been.

I'm thankful to be in a much different, much better place all around now.

And so now after a year of kinda sorta on and off running, a busy and excruciatingly hot summer, then training for a triathlon, I've once again regained some semblance of enjoyment from running.
I think I might run a little faster in these fun shoes. They remind me of a peacock feather and are lovely. I'm supremely thankful for the cool Rockport winters... if you can even call it "Winter." I wore a sleeveless dress and strappy sandals to a wedding shower this morning and was absolutely pleasant. But for real, and this should be obvious, running in humid, 96 degree weather is hard. It's been much easier to run farther and faster in the cool winter weather.

Thanks to Pinterest for more motivating pictures and phrases and catchy little doodads. If ever you need a little motivation to exercise (or a huge blow to your ego and self esteem), just click on the "fitness" tab. A few pins in and I'm either looking for a dozen cookies or strapping on my running shoes.

Oh that Pinterest.

I'm looking forward to the release of these new Nike Fuel bands, designed to be worn and keep track of ALL your daily activity- not just your workouts. There's an app that goes along with it that you can use to set goals and bluetooth back and forth to the band, which tracks steps taken, calories burned and overall daily fitness. Challenge yourself to be more active each day and watch your success! I think they come out in February and will run like $150 or something. Maybe I can shoot for next birthday?

(all images via pinterest)
I think between those shoes and this skirt (It really is made for running! Imagine that! It's a Lululemon specialty and would go just right with one of their fabulous tanks. Between that and the Fuelband, I'd be out some beaucoup bucks.), I could probably at least feel like I could run farther and faster than ever.

And lets face it, thinking you can run forever is 90% of the battle.

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Emily said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement. Running for me is such a mental thing. Very cute skirt. I think I could run if I were wearing that!

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