Monday, January 9, 2012

Passion 2012 (2)

I bet you didn't know there are approximately 27 MILLION slaves in the world today.

I bet you didn't know that the number of people in slavery at this moment are more than at any other time in history.

I bet you didn't know that everyday thousands of men, women, and children are trapped as bonded labor slaves. Abused in factories. Trafficked for sexual exploitation.

I bet you didn't know that Atlanta, Georgia is a major hub for human trafficking right here in the United States.

Every year, Passion latches onto a cause worth supporting. The Passion dream team is closely paired with the Do Something Now organization and between the two of them, they bring an awareness each year to the needs that are all around us. Needs that we as Christians should feel a burden to get behind and support as well. This year was no different, but in some ways for me it was. This year the focus was FREEDOM. Freedom throughout the world from human trafficking and slavery.

I don't know about you, but before Passion, I was mostly in the dark about this issue of modern day slavery. I enjoy my life of ease where food is plentiful and my iPhone and iPad are always charged and close by. I never even dreamed that this issue of human trafficking was as wide spread and ugly as it truly is. Indifference is NOT an option.

The goal set before us Passion-goers was to raise $1 million dollars to fund 6 different organizations that are fighting against human trafficking, educating others on modern day slavery to prevent the further spread, and rehabilitating those who have escaped a life in slavery. God showed his miraculous glory and provision and our grand total (remember- college students... 4 days...) was $3,066,670.

Three. Million. Dollars.

Let that sink in for just a minute.

In the name of Jesus, 45000 college students raised 3 million dollars in an effort to end modern day slavery. As I said, we gave to 6 separate organizations, and with the excess money given, we were able to fund many other services both in the US and around the world. 25 children will be rescued from slavery in Cambodia and raised in a Christ-centered home, where they will receive medical care, counseling and education. 1,100 freed slaves will have a new outlook on life through International Justice Mission's aftercare program, intended to equip these people with the skills to flourish in their newfound freedom. 22 rescue operations have been funded with IJM that will result in freeing hundreds of children from bonded slavery. 45,000 Ukranian students will be educated on the strategies and methods used by traffickers through the A21 Campaign's Prevention Program. Tiny Hands International has set up border monitoring stations along the Nepal/India border and 8 new monitoring stations and safe homes will be made available. Finally, here in the United States, funds were given to the Wellspring program located in Atlanta, providing 12 furnished homes to those escaping exploitation, as well as The Atlanta Project which is a new task force of the Atlanta Police Department directed at preventing, tracking, and ending human trafficking in Atlanta.

All that and more. Praise God. HE does not stand for injustice and neither should we. Together we are a force for good!


Want to do something NOW? Check out these links and get educated. Give some cold hard cash to these organizations. Come on! Poor college kids raised $3 million dollars! Check out these links for additional information, additional organizations, and ways to give. (click on the Give Now/Freedom box to the right to donate to the causes I listed and described above) (This ministry is the brainchild of Christine Caine who came and spoke to Passion 2012 about the ugliness of trafficking. Spend some time at this site!) (Are you interested in seeing how much of your life funds slavery? This is an eye opening site that will shock you- I challenge you to check it out and truly see how much of your life is already supporting slavery.)

Most of all, let us all pray together that the Lord will raise up a movement of His followers to help end modern day slavery for good. Indifference is not an option.

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