Sunday, July 15, 2012

24 weeks!

( 3 days.) 

So I reached that all-important viability milestone while we were at camp this past week. I feel like I can breathe a little easier being past this significant mark, however, I won't feel completely at ease until I have a baby in my arms (which will bring a whole new set of worries and anxieties to light!). I guess it should sink in a little further now that we will actually be bringing a child home eventually, but it still remains really surreal and bizarre that I'm growing a person. 

(Too lazy to change into the ubiquitous red tank top and jeans.)

So here's the basics: 
My baby is maybe about a pound plus a quarter or so and is the size of an ear of corn!

I'm still not craving anything. It's gotta be one of the most frequently asked questions and while I'd love to capitalize on something like a brownie-a-day craving, I'm just not desperate for anything at any time. In the same way, I'm also able to eat anything I would eat pre-pregnancy. One magical day back in my first trimester all my nausea melted away and I've been shoveling the food in ever since. Which means I've gained an undisclosed amount of weight and despite having a "valid reason" for gaining some poundage, I'm still not thrilled with stepping on the scale and seeing that number creep up and up and up.

Despite sporting a bigger bump, I'm still kind of in and out of maternity clothes. Most of my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts still fit underneath the belly. Some days the belly seems bigger than others and my regular tops are a little on the short side. It's all just a toss up. I am thankful to be noticeably pregnant now instead of just chubby! Spending the last few weeks with our students was really sweet, because I got lots of bump love in the form of belly rubs, funny jiggles, and one-sided conversations with my baby. I feel so blessed to know this baby is already so loved.

We still don't know what gender baby Mims is! And we don't plan on finding out until he or she makes a grand entrance into this world. That is by far the most frequent question I hear, especially since I'm now noticeably pregnant. Jordan so far thinks baby Mims is a girl and I have no intuition or feeling one way or the other (don't forget to put your gender vote in! Check the sidebar!!). We've narrowed down our list of girls names to a couple and I think we've almost decided on one of them officially. Boy names??? No clue. Not a stinkin clue.

I'm feeling stronger and more frequent movements now and many of them are easily visible by other people. It's still just totally bizarre to feel these bumps and wiggles. Some days the baby seems to be lazy and then I have days like yesterday when it seems like he or she is constantly on the move.

I'm looking forward to finally cleaning out this little baby's nursery soon and picking out furniture, bedding, paint and decorations. I'm excited to be in the early planning stages of two (maybe even three!!!!) wonderful showers! I am humbled by so many people who want to celebrate this little one. We are so blessed.


Nancy Beyer said...

Love that you aren't finding out! We did find out but I'm thinking I won't with our next one.

Francis said...

I was thinking about not finding out for this baby, but H didn't want to wait lol.

Cute picture ;)

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