Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Night Confessions

It's good to get a few things off your chest everyonceinawhile, right?

1. I kinda feel a little like superwoman when I'm running these days. Toting this belly around the park (even at an almost unbearably slow page) makes me feel strong. I also kinda imagine those folks I'm passing think I'm pretty much a rockstar.

2. I think the new Fall '12 line of Toms are ugly.
Bleh. No thanks.

3. I'm getting my hair done for the first time in months on Thursday and I'm a little panicky. I hate finding a new hair person, floundering around from salon to salon until you find the right fit. On the bright side, it can't get much worse considering I haven't had it cut or colored since April. Eek.

4. I got a new pair of spectacles almost a week ago. Wearing them makes me discombobulated.
5. I look forward to watching the swimming and gymnastics portions of the summer olympics. The rest of the sports aren't nearly as fascinating. I was in gymnastics for a season as a kid (can you even imagine?). I was a full head taller than the rest of the class, ridiculously awkward, and deathly afraid of breaking my neck. Hence, only one season.

6. While I absolutely love pouring over every single issue of Bon Appetit magazine that I've ever gotten, I've only made one BA recipe ever.

7. I'm not and I don't think I'll ever be "into" landscaping. I doused a weed-infested flower bed with weed killer this morning and I hope that pretty much takes care of it. On the flip side, I don't particularly like to be "that house" on the street with the overgrown lawn. See the quandary I'm in here?

What are your Monday night confessions??? 

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Rachel said...

That is awesome that you're out their running! I can barely go for a walk around the block with the dogs these days!

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