Saturday, July 7, 2012

Death and Taxes

Its funny how life swoops in every so often and turns your great plans and "important" priorities upside down. We've been home from camp for a little over a week and I was planning to update the blog long before now with lovely pictures of our students doing wonderful things (oh, it's still to come... hang in there.). I had made it a priority to get some sleep and put my swollen feet up on the days between camp and work. Then the half-expected but never-prepared-for passing of my uncle from brain cancer took my self-serving plans and lazy priorities and turned them over.

Shortly after returning from our trip to Tennessee, Jordan and I boarded a plane and headed home to spend time with my family. It was a bittersweet time; both spent reliving fond memories of my uncle Jim and mourning his passing. He had been battling an aggressive cancer for the last year, which took a rapid turn for the worst around Mother's Day and claimed his life on June 29.

It's always curious to spend time around death. I can't imagine that anyone other than the occasional mortician would choose to fill their day with death, but it is a sobering place to be. Considering I already pay taxes, they say that death is the only other certainty in this short life. My grandparents mourned the loss of their child; my mother grieved the death of her brother; and my cousin lost his father, who should've otherwise been in the prime of his life. Despite it's certainty and lack of favor regarding age, gender, or race, people just don't seem to spend a great deal of time meditating on the reality that this life is short and will end.

Participating in the planning of a funeral service with my other family members brought that truth screaming to the forefront of my mind. While my life is filled with failures and shortcomings, I pray that one day someone can stand up and say that Christ was the center of my life. While I know I am far from perfect, I hope that one day others can stand up and say that I pointed them towards Christ. Of course I hope to be a wonderful mother, strive to be a great wife, and work hard to be an excellent nurse, but my overarching goal is simply to bring great glory to my Heavenly Father.

Jordan has a tshirt that says, "Don't fear failure, fear spending your life succeeding at things that really don't matter."

What have you spent your life succeeding at? Does it have any Kingdom value?

What would your family say about your life at it's end?

Curious about what the Bible says regarding life after death? The Creator of the universe is willing to pour out His glorious mercy over your life. He has gone to great lengths to bring redemption to His children. His heart beats for you. Send me a comment or email and I'll be thrilled to share God's truths with you. 

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Erika said...

I'm sorry for your family's loss. :( The time with family around a funeral is always so strange and bittersweet. Glad you got some good perspective from it, though.

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