Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Shower Numero Uno

We are back and somewhat settled from our trip to Augusta this past weekend. Traveling and being constantly on the go from Thursday to Tuesday wore me slap out! As someone who's normally very active, it's hard for me to slow down and take it easy these days, even though I am now 30 weeks pregnant (That's 7 months folks!). By the time we finally arrived home, I was starting to look like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow man, but with lots of water and propping my tootsies up, my ankle bones are now visible again.

But enough whining about edema and feeling like a wimp, this post is about a baby shower! I was completely honored when my sisters, mom and incredible friend approached me about showering this little baby with love. Little did I know, I'd be completely blown away at the shower itself. Overwhelmed was certainly the theme from last Saturday, as I was surrounded by dozens of dear friends and family members.

The theme was a baby "shower," like as in rain shower. So cute! There were little umbrellas around and fresh wild flowers and cute little raindrop-blue accessories (not to be confused with "boy" blue!). The girls did a fantastic job! The food was delishhhhh and made this preggo's heart very happy. My sister even went to the trouble to make both pink AND blue cake balls! Yum! There were lots of my own special requests (like Buffalo Chicken Dip! I think I could've eaten the entire pan!) and equally as many surprises (like individual Oreo Cheesecakes... swoon.) I think I'm gaining weight just thinking about how great the food was! 

I just can't even express into words how blessed I am (we are). It truly was a joy to share time with such special people, many of whom I haven't seen in years. Being 1000 miles away from "home" makes it nearly impossible to catch up with everyone, much less a handful of people when we are in town, so I was so thankful to spend just a few hours hugging necks and smiling and laughing with some of my favorite folks.

And don't even get me started on the crazy amazing gifts we received. With some strategic packing and some cooperation by the folks at Babies R Us, we now have all of our gifts under our roof. I could probably write another post about the baby gear that's starting to take over our house! People are just too kind. It makes my heart happy to know that this baby is already so well loved. I just can't say enough "thank yous" to all the people who came out to show love to this little pumpkin, and to the 4 people who went to great lengths to assemble such a wonderful shower. We are so very fortunate and for that, I am profoundly thankful. 

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