Monday, August 6, 2012

Prayer Request

Hello blog friends and family and occasional readers.

I have a special request.

I don't know that I've ever blogged about specific prayer requests outside of the occasional camp-mission-trip-safety-travels-student-transformation type thing. I spend lots of time each week praying over the different people in my life, but for many reasons, I keep my personal prayer time, well, personal. And then yesterday I got a special request from a special friend and desire so desperately to honor her request. Here's a very brief synopsis of her back story:

I met Jaci through the blogosphere. We're similar on many big levels: obviously we both blog. Then there's the fact that she's also a nurse. Her husband also does the ministry thing as a Christian counselor. And then she's also expecting her first little one within days of my first little one. Aside from similarities- she's really funny! 

Since the end of June, Jaci's mother, Nancy has been fighting for her life. Previously healthy and in her early 50's, Nancy has suffered numerous massive heart attacks in the last 6 weeks and two days ago, instead of continuing her stay in cardiac rehab, she experienced yet another heart attack and was readmitted once again to the hospital. The damage to her heart from the last 6 weeks of injuries is severe. Her future is very uncertain and the whole family is reeling. Think about your family. My mother is only a few years older than Nancy and I could hardly even imagine the turmoil that Jaci's family must be facing right now. It makes me think back to when my father-in-law suffered a stroke and what intense pain and frustration and uneasiness you face when family is sequestered to a bed in an intensive care unit. Friends, her pain is palpable and her family is desperate. 

That's where YOU come in. Yes, I said YOU. And anyone else you can muster up to help with this very special request. I know many of you are ministry wives and families and can share this story and pray over this sweet family. Nancy's birthday is August 17 and Jaci is making a very special plea to those people who have chosen to pray for Nancy. She would love to be overwhelmed with letters and pictures and encouragement to share with her mother on her birthday. Jaci has left contact information on her blog and is already receiving cards and pictures from around the nation from people showing their support to Nancy. Will you be one of those people? It takes only minutes to cover this family in prayer, snap a photo with your phone and email it their way, but just think of the far-reaching effects of seeing evidence from hundreds and maybe thousands of people who have all joined in prayer together for Nancy and her family.

Please go do this.

Jaci Lou

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