Thursday, August 9, 2012

Third Trimester! (28 weeks)

It's HARD to believe I've only got a measly 12 weeks left until this baby is due! At the time, it seemed as if the first 12 weeks were never going to end. Between feeling puny and keeping the whole pregnancy thing under wraps, each week seemed like an eternity. My, how things have changed! This last trimester is here and there's no slowing down now. Here are a few of my 28 week observations:

  • Baby M spends all day wiggling and kicking. 
  • Painting my own toes is getting ridiculously difficult.
  • I thought the glucose test drink was pretty palatable. Fingers crossed for a passing grade.
  • Running is still a joy. The aftermath is painful. 
  • Heartburn!
  • My time spent sleeping is slowly decreasing, while my waistline is slowly increasing. 

See what I mean? This little red tank top isn't gonna cut it much longer.

But then there are some things that just haven't seemed to change, like the fact that baby M's gender is still a mystery. This might be especially surprising given that since I work in labor & delivery, I have access to an ultrasound machine every day I work. The girls I work with are dying to know, but I am determined to keep this kiddo a surprise! We have narrowed down our name possibilities to a few different boy names but probably have settled on a girl name. The gender survey looks pretty one-sided right now, and to be honest, I've had 2 "girl" dreams! We'll see if my subconscious is right... in 12 weeks!

Another constant is my lack of cravings and aversions. I've heard friends confess cravings for caesar salad, swedish fish, and canned peaches (not together!), but still haven't had any legitimate cravings of my own. I will admit to not being much of a raw tomato fan pre pregnancy, but find myself happily scarfing them down these days.

I am so very thankful to have had a healthy pregnancy so far.  For me, it's hard not to imagine all the different variables and things that could go wrong since I see the "wrong" every day at work. Sure, 99 deliveries are smooth and uneventful, and then there's the 1 where something goes awry. But as of my appointment today, everything is measuring right on track and there's no sign of distress on the horizon.

On the flip side, in the very near future I will have my first baby shower! We've also almost got the nursery room-to-be cleaned out and have some big plans for color and details. I'm excited to see our little one's room start to take form here in the next few weeks! He (or She!) will be here before we know it!


Allison said...

So I'll need to know when these baby showers are so I can make it to one. I have a commitment the first sept date we discussed. :(

Casey B said...

Waa hoo!! ...Your hair is fiery red :) You have a crazy baby bump going on hol. Can't wait to see you next week and see what you look like in person.

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