Sunday, August 5, 2012


I seem to remember mentioning some sort of "quiet" or "lull" in our life for the next few weeks. I can't imagine what possessed me to say that, considering nothing has been quiet and there has been no lull and I can't seem to see any such thing on the horizon either! This summer is coming to an end quickly and our fall is already getting so full it's hard to think of a time where we won't be gearing up or winding down from some sort of event! 

This past weekend we were absolutely blessed to pieces to have some of our most favorite and wonderful friends come share our home for the weekend. They brought their two kiddos and we spent the weekend getting wet at the pool & beach and eating mexican food! It was pretty much perfection.

Sweet babies in the sand!
It's so easy to forget how dear our friends are, isn't it? Especially the faraway friends, whose foundations are tested when many miles are placed between two people. When visits are once or twice a year and the busyness of life gets in the way, it's just second nature to put our heads down and buckle into whatever we're doing. Before you know it, we learn to do the robot each day and completely lose sight of the joy our friendships bestow upon us. I am so thankful to have spent a weekend with incredible friends who allow us to laugh and encourage us and teach us what it means to be a loving friend once again. I had forgotten how much I'd missed them. Isn't that funny?

As our Strange friends were packing their bags for home this morning, Jordan was packing his bags as well. He is once again gone on a summer trip, this time with a group of our college students. They'll spend a few days floating the Frio and fellowshipping before getting back into the swing of things with fall semester being just a few weeks away. The first year of the college ministry will be coming to a close in the coming months and it's been such a blessing to see this group of students grow both in numbers and in maturity. Last October I felt like the Lord was providing many answers to the questions that Jordan and I had regarding a separate ministry for the college class. With the unwavering support of the ministry staff @ FBC plus some input from our other youth leaders, we stepped out in forming this college class. Since then, we've seen such remarkable growth from these folks, many of which are taking on roles of leadership and discipleship around the church. I pray this group has a wonderful few days together to be refreshed and encouraged and transformed.

Next weekend we'll host another dear family at our house - my sister in law, her husband and kiddos are coming to spend some time before school starts. We are thrilled to have them!

The weekend after that, Jordan and I will be headed to Augusta for one last visit before I'm too pregnant to fly! I'm having a hard time believing I'll be in my third trimester by the end of this week and have a little over 12 weeks left to be pregnant! That's just crazy!!!

Shortly after that weekend, Jordan and I are hoping to take a little vacation to rest and relax and enjoy each other before baby arrives. Any babymoon suggestions?

Sidenote: If the vacation AFTER a wedding is called a honeymoon, then why is the vacation BEFORE a baby called a babymoon?

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs laying at the front door?

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging on the wall?

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs and no head?

Why did Sylvia fall off the monkey bars?
-Sylvia doesn't have any arms.

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Not sylvia.

And I'm done.

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