Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting our feet wet

We've made it through our second weekend in a row hosting friends or family with kids. This past weekend we were visited by Jordan's sister, Amanda and her husband and kiddos. It's always so much fun to catch up with Amanda and spend some quality time with our nephews and niece.

The kiddos were particularly fond of patting and rubbing Baby M and feeling baby kick and move around. Everyone insisted that Baby M must be a boy, which is surprising!

On Friday, we spent time together at the beach, which is probably the first time I've been out to the water this summer! Isn't that a shame? I somehow squeezed the belly and all my other pregnant bits into a regular bathing suit and waddled out. I also managed to get a bizarre sunburn, but of course no real tan. The kids loved the water and we had a hard time convincing them to leave when it was time. The older two kids were on the lookout for jellyfish while the littlest was perfectly content sitting at the shoreline and playing in the sand. We even made friends with some tourists who let the kiddos ride around on their boogie board. It was a fun and sandy day.

On Saturday, we loaded up into Amanda's car and headed to Corpus to check out the Aquarium. Despite now living in South Texas for over 3 years, it was the first time Jordan & I had ever set foot in the aquarium (We haven't seen the Lexington either!). Mark that off the list! And what did we learn? Maybe going to the aquarium on a Saturday in the summer wasn't exactly the smartest idea we've ever had. Maybe a Tuesday in November would've been better. It was both scorching hot and completely packed. Thank goodness we had more adults than children so that we could easily stick together in the masses of people. Despite being crowded, I think everyone enjoyed the trip.

I guess spending the last 2 weekends with young kids has more than given Jordan and I a taste of what parent life is like. I think we both enjoyed and observed a lot of different things in the last 2 weeks. Next up is baby shower #1! We leave Thursday and I'm so excited to be spending a nice long weekend back in Augusta. Many pictures and stories to come!

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