Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I'm gonna drop a big bomb on you guys this week. Oh boy, I can see the hate mail now. I guess I should say goodbye to being a widely known and influential blogger slash eventual best selling writer. Maybe my aspirations of being a close, personal blogger friend of Ree Drummond are a little far fetched. Regardless, it's time once again for midweek confessions. So here goes nothing...

I dont get Downton Abbey.

I just dont.

What in the world is so great about it?! I watched one painfully dull episode, which means I gave it a fair chance. Just like I gave Twilight a fair chance by watching the first movie, which was awful. But before I lose even more fans by confessing my absolute disinterest in all things Twilight, lets get back to my original confession. Downton Abbey just doesnt appeal to me at all. My facebook feed blows up over some Downton Abbey plot twist on whatever night it airs, but I just cant jump on board. Unless of course I'm having problems sleeping and need something to help me doze off (A cure for your insomnia, Erika?). When the new season started I even saw grown men look legitimately excited about the show. I keep wondering if I'm missing something, but then I remember that I just dont like it. 

To be fair, I'm not a fan of English period drama movies either. Jane Austen does not float my boat. Mr Darcy poo poo Shmarcy. Accents, corsets, flat affects, and dreary English countryside is not my cup of Earl Grey tea. I think these movies are equally as dry and boring as Downton Abbey. The BBC is at the bottom of my most-watched channels list. These days, HGTV is at the top of that list in case you were wondering. 

Am I the only person who thinks Downton Abbey is a total snooze-fest? 


Erika said...

WHOA. This is pretty major. I have not ever seen an episode, so I don't know if I agree or not. However, I do tend to agree about the English period drama movies...definitely not my favorite genre. So maybe I would agree if I saw it? Still. That's bold of you to just up and admit!! :) I will definitely have to give it a try for my insomnia next time!!

E said...

Haha. I LOVE this. To be honest, I haven't ever watched a single episode and I don't really have a burning desire either. It really does surprise me that it has become so popular. :)

Abby said...

You are a brave woman to admit this! Did you watch a random episode or start with the pilot? I can see how one in the middle without knowing the background wouldn't pull you in. You might want to give it a second shot.. I've watched about 7 episodes recently because I want to get to the point to find out the shocked everyone was talking about on FB!!

Kristina said...

NOT a twilight fan but I sure do love Downton....but I am a fan of English period dramas and novels. The banter! the subtle wit! Repressed affections! Class Complexities! The snarky old dames! The costumes and sets! Storylines that take time to build and actual character development! I love it all. But I do get why not everyone is in to it. Actually, I'm kind of surprised so many people are into it in this age of Honey boo boos, duck dinasties, bachelorettes, and what not. It gives me hope for humankind.

Kristina said...

And forgive typos. I blame iPhone typing

~Stephanie said...

I watched an episode and thought it was "Meh." I thought it was just me.

For what it is worth, I didn't even attempt Twilight, Hunger Games or Fifty Shades.


Rachel said...

Well, I guess this is just the end of me reading your blog!

Just kidding :) but I really do love Downton. I will say, it took about 3 episodes, but once I was hooked, I wasn't turning back!

(I do hate twilight! I read the whole first book and just didn't get the hype!)

Jordan said...

As Hollie's husband, I have to admit, this is one show I'm thankful that we both agree on our disinterest. Typically, she has no interest in most of the shows I like to watch, and I have no interest in most of the shows she likes to watch, but at least for this show, we're on board together. For those wondering, we both watched the first episode of the first season and turned it off after about 15 min. Just like a novel, a speech, or a sermon, it's the job of the writer to catch the audiences attention in the first 15 minutes or they're going to lose interest and never return. We gave it an honest shot and 15 min later we were bored.

By the way, that's why J.J. Abrams always starts his movies or shows with something abrupt or startling, because it engages the audience quickly. That's probably why I find myself a fan of most all things J.J. Abrams. - Lost, Fringe, Star Trek, Super 8, Revolution

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