Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I'm following in E, Myself, and I's footsteps and participating in her Midweek Confessions. I'm thinking it'll be cathartic to get all my less-than-stellar moments from this week out of my brain and on paper (or is it on screen?) to laugh and be laughed at. So here goes...

  • Remember the last post where I said I was going to throw together some homemade Peppermint ice cream, complete with peppermint bits to mix in? Well I tackled that project yesterday. Earlier this week I successfully made homemade sugar cookies and from-scratch brownies with icing, so I was riding a wave of awesomeness. During Isaac's nap time, I started mixing up the ice cream base, and feeling so good about it. I even colored it pink! However, when I took a little taste-test, my wave of awesomeness fizzled out entirely. The base was awful. SO awful, it was practically inedible. In an attempt to salvage the ice cream, I doubled the milks and added a tiny bit of vanilla extract. Except even then, it still tastes horrible... and now i've wasted 4 cups of milk, 2 cans of evaporated milk, and 2 cans of condensed milk. I gave it one last ditch effort and threw it into the ice cream maker, hoping that the freezing process would take that weird funky flavor away. Ever wonder what your mouthwash would taste like if it were frozen? Well, I have a container of it in our freezer if you'd like to try it.  Epic Fail. 
  • It's girl scout cookie time. Is there anything else to say here? I've already bought 4 boxes, and in my mind, I consider that a good jumping off point. I have no room to complain about baby weight as long as I'm eating iced brownies for breakfast and cookies after every meal. 
  • If you came in my house right now, you'd find 4 loads of clean laundry in baskets needing to be folded, 1 load in the washer, 1 load in the dryer, and 2 dirty loads still waiting to be washed. I'd rather scratch both eyeballs than fold clothes. 
  • I'm going back to work tomorrow and that at least means I'll get a shower, some deodorant and my teeth brushed. This doesn't happen everyday folks. 
How's that for awesome? Don't let yourself ever think that I've even got it remotely together. Just keeping it real here people!


Erika said... know, just last night I was dreaming about some mouthwash-flavored icecream. Sounds so delicious!! Also, I feel like as a nurse you are going to burn tons of calories like...walking around and doing your job...when you go back to work, so you will need every drop of nourishment from those Girl Scout cookies. So eat up!!

Jill said...

yum...girl scout cookies...i want some now. i hate it that i order and then have to wait until march.

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