Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Wishing everyone a day filled with grilled food, watermelon, beach-slash-pool time, family get togethers, and of course fireworks! Our plans include wiping a little nose, lots of naps and movies on the couch, and maybe some tylenol thrown in there for good measure. My little Mister is getting sicky... poor kid. We don't usually make grandiose plans for the fourth anyway. #liveinabeachtown #touristtakeover #dontgotowalmart

As a sidenote, many apologies for the lack of blog over the last several days. It's time for my almost monthly "why do I even do this anyway" whine-fest. Between bloggywriter's block and feeling uncertain about so many things (should I keep things more private? should I write more about everyday life and less about frivolous things? will I ever have a good hair AND a good makeup day again so that I can do another vlog? and on and on...), I just can't come up with much of anything to put down.

Bear with me, this too shall pass.


Kathy said...

Aww, poor little guy. I hope all three of you have a wonderful day in spite of him not feeling 100%.

Erika said...

Our Fourth plans sounds pretty similar. :) Way to keep it real! And totally feel you on needing good hair and makeup on the same day...why so rare??!

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