Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midweek Confessions

It's been a while since I participated in E's midweek confessions, but I've got a real doozy for you this week. Let's spill the beans...

I think i'm over Pioneer Woman.

Go & retrieve your smelling salts, put your head between your knees and take some nice deep breaths. This one might be bigger than the "I don't like Downton Abbey confession." I know it's a total shocker. I used to be such a fan, but times they are a'changin. Nothing catastrophic or Earth-shattering has occurred to drive me away from her blog, it's just been a gradual overall decrease in interest.

I remember reading her blog back in like 2007 with only about a few thousand other people. I was a hipster like that. Back in those days, her confessions were Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (be still my heart),  her recipes were of cinnamon rolls (be still my thighs), and her giveaways were actually win-able.

Nowadays she has a show on food network, a half dozen cookbooks, and a whole team of extra writers to fill her site with content. I find myself wondering when she has time for her family. I dont really connect with her confessions anymore. The most recent recipe posted is for jalapeƱo quesadillas, which, (I'm sorry because this is going to sound ugly) is no culinary mystery. A recent giveaway garnered over 50,000 entries. I might have a better shot at winning the Pick 3 than winning a Le Creuset courtesy of PW.

All in all, I think the Pioneer Woman has gotten so big that she's no longer relatable to me. I certainly wish her all the best. I'll always treasure my autographed cookbook. Her cinnamon rolls, chicken spaghetti, and apple dumplings will forever be at the forefront of my recipe repertoire... even if her link is no longer in my bookmarks.


Erika said...

I feel ya. I haven't read her blog regularly in a few years, but I still follow her on Twitter. I don't dislike her or anything, but yeah, it's just like an industry now. Still love her cookbook (the first one, only one I have) and if I'm hunting for a recipe, I will very likely go search on her blog. But it's not a must-read anymore.

Casey B said...

I'm there too. If and when I do go, I'm looking for something tasty. But I can go to the cookbook for that too.

E said...

You are too funny! I'm not the biggest "fan" per se of The Pioneer Woman's content either; but, I have to hand it to... She has done a darn good job of making this blogging thing a full time gig. :)
She's actually speaking at Blogher, so I'll let you know what I think after I meet her in person.
Thanks for linking up!

Kathy said...

I'm right there with you. I still like Ree, I have her cookbooks and I like her show. I will probably buy the new book that is coming out. But her blog has gotten too big. When I post (which isn't very often) I am something like #1024 and I know she will never see my comment. And it's impossible for her to reply to all of them. As for winning any of her giveaways -- well good luck with that. I still read her blog on occasion, but not every day.

Emily said...

I've been this way for a while now. I like her, she's funny, and I love her recipes, but I don't think I'm in her demographic anymore.

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